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The School District of the Menomonie Area Library Media Program is dedicated to work closely and become more connected with staff, students and the community to better provide accessible resources enhancing a global community and lifelong learners.

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History of the Library Media Program

The Menomonie School District has 3 certified media specialists, and 5 library media secretaries who perform the duties of aides. Increased enrollments and decreased resources have forged a partnership and has increased flexibility and cooperation between the library media department and the non-instructional staff of the district technology services department.Six of the seven school library mediacenters (LMC) in the School District of the Menomonie Area have hadtheir facilities updated within the past 10 years. Other innovations in the past 10 years have included the addition of an automated union catalog among our library media centers, security systems in the middle and high school, online resources available at all sites, and our web-based union catalog in 2006.All of our LMCs have added networked computers and electronic resources to the list of media materials available to staff and students at all sites. Flexible schedules atall levels have been used and collaboration among specialists and teachers is the norm and not the exception. The LM specialist staff has been at this level for over 10 years. There has been a 1.0 FTE reduction in the LM Specialist time and a 1.0 FTE reduction in the cataloger position as well as numerous hours reduced from the LM secretarial staff due to budget shortfalls over the last few years. We continue to keep the administration and board of education apprised of the research in the area of staffing so that when budgets improve, we are able to increase staffing to DPI recommended levels.

It is the purpose of the library mediadepartment to support teachers and students by providing time and resources to support the district's and state's curriculum, support student learning experiences and to help realize our district's goal to make every student a life long learner, a responsible citizen and a caring individual. The library media department strives to attain these goals considering our current budget constraints which limits our face-to-face time with students and the ability to purchase adequate information and equipment resources.Menomonie Area Schools began working with instructional technology in administration, library media and instruction contexts in the 1980's with the infusion of personal computers. The district was one of the first in the region to install an automated union library catalog system, first to infuse technology in instruction including to teach programming and logic in mathematics, information processing in business education, etc. This forward-looking vision by the Board of Education has resulted in the current infrastructure and commitment to hardware and software to support information management and instructional computing. This is the district's third long-term information and technology plan which is the blueprint for the future direction of instructional, informational, and administrative technology success in the district.

Staff Breakdown and Schedule
The breakdown of staff is as follows:
Library Media Specialist Schedule: Downsville & Knapp Elementary/High School-shared 1.0 LM SpecialistOaklawn & Middle School-shared 1.0 LM SpecialistRiver Heights & Wakanda Elementary-shared 1.0 LM Specialist
Library Media Secretary Schedule: Downsville & Knapp Elementary-shared 20 hr. LM SecretaryHigh School/Middle School-shared 40 hr. LM SecretaryRiver Heights Elementary/Middle School-shared 30 hr. LM SecretaryOaklawn
Elementary/Middle School-shared 30 hr. LM SecretaryWakanda Elementary/Middle School-shared 30 hr. LM Secretary